7.000.000 €

Industrial Urban Land For Sale | Arad - Commission 0%


Preț / m²:
38,77 €
Deschidere stradala
415 m
Suprafaţă utilă
180552 m²
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For sale, urban land in ARAD with an area of 180 552 square meters. We've created on this land two profitable businesses for a future investment: the construction of a logistics park for non-polluting production or storage and the production of energy through photovoltaic panels on the rooftop of this park. We have all the necessary documentation to turn this land into a profitable future investment. Main futures: - Local notice of opportunity for this project - 415 m street front on the state road - Percentage of land occupation 50% - Land use coefficient 1,5 - Electrical network infrastructure, medium voltage transformer point - 2,6km from the loading and unloading point of the A1 highway and airport - 51km from the border with Hungary - According to the opportunity study, 90,000 sqm can be built - The land can be covered with photovoltaic panels on an area of 130,000 square meters - Area of 18 hectares with an existing photo-voltaic park that can be readapted according to requirements INVESTMENT FOTO-VOLTAIC PARK: o Investment: 11,3 M - 12 M Euro o YIELD: ~30% o Energy Production 17MWh/year with Canadian Solar panels o Average annual duration of sunshine in the West 2200h/year o Weighted average price July 2021 - 474lei/MW o Cashflow 3,6M Euro/year o Amortization of the investment in 4-5 years We are not included price for green certificates 15-16E which government offers for every megawatt produced and we have 37 400 MW on year and this maximizes your investment. INVESTMENT IN INDUSTRIAL PARK: o Investment: ~45 M Euro o Area: 90 000 square meters o Average rental price 3,7E/m2 - 4,2E/m2 o Cashflow 4M - 4,53M Euro/year o Amortization of the investment in approx 11,5 years AVERAGE YIELD TOTAL INVESTMENT o Total investment of approx 64M Euro o Cashflow 7,6M - 8,1M Euro/year o Amortization of the total investment in approx 8-9 years The information we relied on in calculating the efficiency for the construction of logistics spaces, was provided by the company PAB Romania, leaders and experts in metal constructions and Enel X Romania.

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